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Kia Certified Collision Repair Center


RK Collision Center is your only stop for collision repair for your Kia vehicle


RK Collision Center in Vineland, New Jersey is your one stop for restoring your Kia back to factory standards. With quick turnaround times due to our I-Car Gold Certifications as well as being a Factory Certified Kia Franchise we are able to utilize OEM parts as per Kia of Americas Position Statement which follows:


Kia General Parts Position Statement Kia parts sold by Kia Motors America are carefully designed and constructed of high quality materials for the exact application in each model, and are intended to provide high performance, proper fit, advanced corrosion protection, and durability. Kia parts are thoroughly tested by Kia and its carefully selected suppliers to ensure that each vehicle delivers the superior performance and safety specified by Kia’s Research & Development engineers. As a result, every new Kia and its original and replacement parts meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, including compliance with rigorous FMVSS testing, as well as Kia’s own even higher internal standards. The design, construction, and performance of Kia’s motor vehicles are thus focused on minimizing the risk of crashes occurring and the risk of severe injury or death in the event crashes do occur. Aftermarket parts whether created new, remanufactured or rebuilt are not designed or constructed using the original Kia specifications and materials, and they may not perform up to Kia’s carefully designed, developed and tested safety, performance and dependability standards. Kia specifically disclaims any responsibility for of such aftermarket parts. Customers should be aware that such aftermarket parts cannot be constructed to Kia’s exacting design standards, and thus can result in a lack of proper fit and attachment connections; this in turn can prevent compliance with the repair procedures detailed in the Kia repair manuals, leading to poor performance and limited durability. Any limitation on the strength and durability of aftermarket parts compared to Kia’s designs, whether due to improper design, inadequate testing, or improper manufacturing processes can result in severe dependability and safety problems. It is frequently impossible to identify the identities and geographic points of manufacture of such parts, making it also impossible to establish the brands or reputations for such aftermarket manufacturers. The use of such diminished quality aftermarket, remanufactured and rebuilt parts, as well as recycled ones can also diminish your vehicle’s value. The Kia Motors America New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not apply to any aftermarket part. This could affect the value of your Kia vehicle. Only the parts in your original Kia vehicle as well as original replacement Kia Parts and Genuine Kia Remanufactured Parts are covered by Kia Motors America’s warranties. Kia Motors America is not responsible for any repair costs, vehicle damage, property damage, injury or death associated with aftermarket parts, whether new, remanufactured or rebuilt. For all of these reasons, the use of such aftermarket parts is not recommended by Kia Motors America. These items may include collision and mechanical parts, safety restraint systems, and other systems in the vehicle, such as but not limited to wheels, glass, and tires. Kia particularly cautions that the use of lower quality fluids, filters and lubricants can seriously reduce the longevity and durability of your vehicle’s engine, transmission and other components and their use can and will void your vehicle warranties.