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Repair Process


RK Collision Center Repair Process

We understand that after an accident, things can often be confusing with a range of items needed to be taken care of to get your vehicle restored. So that you may get your life back on track, we have streamlined our process to ensure you quick turnaround times. These along with a number of other advantages, help us to ensure that you avoid hassle along the way. So rest assured that once your repairs are completed you can return to your daily routine without the need to worry, due to our warranty.




  • Provide contact information for updates
  • Prepare estimate
  • Insurance company review of estimate
  • Arrange rental vehicle


Vehicle Disassembly

  • Vehicle is disassembled to ensure that all damage is observed, and noted in the estimate.
  • Customer approval
  • Insurance approval
  • Estimated date of repairs is given to customer and insurance company.

Vehicle Repair

  • Inventory of parts needed, and repairs to take place.
  • Parts ordered.
  • Parts received
  • Body and mechanical repairs performed.
  • Customer informed of any changes to estimated completion date.
  • Inspection to ensure quality standards


Vehicle Paint

  • Body Smoothing, may include ding and dent repairs
  • Sanding
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Clear Coat
  • Inspection to ensure quality standards

Vehicle Reassembly

  • Vehicle is put back together
  • Inspection to ensure quality standards
  • Delivery time and date confirmed.


Quality Assurance

  • Vehicle is washed
  • Final inspection is performed by a manager to ensure quality standards.



  • With confirmed delivery appointments we ensure your vehicle is ready for you when you arrive.


  • Rest easy with RK’s warranty knowing that your repairs were done correctly the first time every time.